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Speech Title: Research Collaboration in Optical Instruments, Vacuum Equipments, and Biomedical Devices at TIRI, NARLabs 

Taiwan Instrument Research Institute, National Applied Research Laboratories,Deputy Director General.

Taiwan Instrument Research Institute, 
National Applied Research Laboratories, 
Hsinchu, Taiwan 

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Dr. Fong-Zhi Chen


TIRI is a national research institute under the supervision of NARLabs (National Applied Research Laboratories) and is renowned for its R&D capability for optical instruments, vacuum equipments, and biomedical devices. It plays an important role in Taiwan to deliver outstanding partnership and services in academic research with professionalism. In this presentation, the instrumentation capabilities of TIRI are introduced. The presenter highlights a number of research collaboration achievements, including services and instrument customization which is greatly beneficial to academic exploration. The developed vacuum equipments and its application to thin film study is introduced to demonstrate the equipment capabilities and collaboration opportunities. The introduced optical instruments and optics ,such as  spaceborne optics and microscope lens, shows that TIRI has the capability to benefit advanced academic investigation by delivering ultra-precision aspherical optics and customized lens design service. Aiming to promote interdisciplinary cooperation, TIRI has established the R&D consortium and alliance, whose activities are introduced in the presentation. TIRI has been sustainably devoted to developing precise and customized instruments, supporting domestic advanced research. TIRI has always been a committed ally for instrumentation and research collaboration. 


Dr. Fong-Zhi Chen’s research interests include opto-mechatronics for instrumentation, metrology for precision engineering, vacuum technologies, robotics and automation.  Dr. Chen obtained his Bachelor(1991), Master(1993), and PhD (2000) from National Cheng Kung University.  He entered Precision Instrument Development Center(PIDC) after passing the government official examination when he was still a doctoral student.  PIDC is the predecessor of Taiwan Instrument Research Institute (TIRI).  During his career time in PIDC and TIRI, he went through different ranks from associate enginner, engineer, research fellow, division director.  He devoted to the study of vacuum technology and opto-mechatronics.  He also dedicated himself to administrative job to reinforce the design and manufacturing capabilities of precision instrument.  Fong-Zhi Chen is currently the deputy director general of TIRI.  He is in charge of the supervision of the administration divisions, the optical technology related devisions, and the vacuum eauipmeent development divisions.  He served as an adjunct professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tatung University.  He is currently also a joint professor at the Academy of Circular Economy at National Chung Hsing University.  Dr. Chen also contributes himself to the professional societies, including the IEEE Instrument and Measuremnet Society, the Chinese Metrology Society, the Taiwan Vacuum Society, the Taiwan Accrediation Foundation, and the Taiwan Nanotechnology and Micro System Association.  

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