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We cordially invite you to submit papers to 2023 International Conference on Automation and Technology (Automation 2023). Authors are able to submit paper to either regular or special sessions.


Two types of paper are acceptable for the conference.

  • Full Pages Paper:First type of regular paper manuscripts are suggested to be no more than 7 pages in total length which including 1 extra abstraction page.

  • One Page Paper:Second type of high quality one-page papers are also welcomed, the manuscripts are suggested to be more than 2 pages in total length which also including 1 extra abstraction paper.​

Please write the full paper in English and upload the PDF file on the submission system.

Please follow the Important Dates for your paper submissions.

  • The Word template for the 7-page full paper is here

  • The Word template for the 2-page short paper is here

Paper Contests

To encourage all Automation 2023 participants to present their excellent research works in automation and technology, three different kinds of Paper Contests are held in Automation 2023, as shown below:

  • Best Paper Contest (must submit a full paper)

  • Best Student Paper Contest (must submit a full paper & the first author must be a student)

  • Best  Presentation Paper Contest (for either a full paper or a short paper)

Important notice:

  • The contestant must be the author of the contest paper.

  • The first author of "Best Student Paper Contest" must be a student.

  • When submitting a contest paper to Automation 2023 via the online submission system, the contestant is responsible for clicking ONLY 1 option from the choices of "Best Paper Contest" and "Best Presentation Paper Contest." A submitted paper without selection of 1 Paper Contest is not eligible for any Paper Contests.

  • Finalists of each Paper Contest will be decided and announced by the Review Committee on 12/01. Each Paper Contest Finalist needs to give an oral presentation in front of the Judges in a specified session for each Paper Contest. Failure to complete a presentation equals a forfeit of the Paper Contest.

  • For each Paper Contest, 1 first place, 1 second place, 1 third place, and honorable mention(s) will be awarded to the Paper Contest Finalists. Awards will be announced, and certificates will be delivered at the Banquet. Each Paper Contest Finalist will be awarded with 1 extra banquet ticket.

  • Contestants who engage in plagiarism would lose their eligibility for contest participation and be subject to legal actions.

  • Each Paper Contest paper can ONLY participate in one Paper Contest in Automation 2023 and cannot attend any other paper contests or competitions elsewhere.



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