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All Automation 2023 participants are to be registered via the following Online System.


The registration fees for various kinds of conference participants are listed below.


  • Please enter your name in English.

  • All payments can only be made by credit card.

  • The merchant’s name of the credit card payment is “ACLCLP”.

  • Before send your register out, Please check the recipet title and tax ID again, there's an example:
    recipet title/收據抬頭: 國立臺北科技大學
    tax ID/統一編號: 92021164
    ​If you need to fix your recipet title and tax ID. Pl
    ease email us before 11/24(Fri).

  • If you have any further information of the conference, feel free to contact the conference secretariat on this e-mail:

Notice about the submitted paper to register:

  • You can check Page 11 in the tutorial to know the basics of how to register.

  • Each submitted paper needs to pay one full registration (Items 1 and 2).

  • You'll need to do register before uploading the final paper.

  • The same paper has more than one participant who can choose the Co-author category to register.

  • ​​​If the same author has more than one paper to register, he (she) should pay with additional paper fee. The additional fourth (or more) paper should use a different email to register (full registration)

  • ​You must use the email that sign-in submission system to register the Author, Professor category. If you need help figuring out what the email is, you can contact the conference secretariat to deal with this.

  • Co-author Registration does not include both the welcome reception ticket and the banquet ticket.

  • Co-author Registration: To qualify for the student rate, proof of current full-time student status (a copy of student card or certification from university) will be required.

  • If the Co-author is not a student, please email us.

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