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Tourist attraction

Taiwan National Palace Museum 

The National Palace Museum (aka NPM) in Taiwan has one of the largest collections of Chinese artifacts in the world, and perhaps the finest collection of Chinese art in the world. The museum is open year round and offers tours in many different languages. It is a must see spot for any foreign tourist visiting Taiwan.


Dihua Street

Dihua Street is Taipei City's biggest and oldest Old Street. Here you can find a large area with historical buildings and unique old style shops. Also there are many art spaces, museums, and restaurants to explore in the area. You should definitely make a stop to this historically rich area on your trip to Taipei.


The Taipei 101 (aka Taipei World Financial Center) is the tallest building in Taiwan, standing at a height of 509 meters. It stands as an icon and symbol of Taiwan's economic prosperity, and may be the most recognizable building in Taiwan. It also features an observatory on the 89th floor with some of the best views of Taipei.


Hushan Hiking Trail

Hushan Hiking Trail is home to one of the Sihshoushan Circular Hiking Trails, an expansive network of trails crisscrossing the southern reaches of the Taipei Basin. This labyrinth of tracks runs throughout the peaks and valleys of the four beasts mountains, so named for the animals they are said to resemble: Xiangshan, Shishan, Baoshan and Hushan.


Tourist Video in Taipei

There have more video made by the Department of Information and Tourism, Please go and check out this Youtube playlist.

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