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Regular Session Topic

TS-01: Artificial Intelligence Automation  

TS-02: Industry 4.0 

TS-03: Internet of Things  

TS-04: Industrial Metaverse

TS-05: Digital Twins  

TS-06: Cyber-physical System

TS-07: Human-machine Collaboration

TS-08: Unmanned Vehicle

TS-09: Robotics and applications

TS-10: Mechatronics and Opto-Mechatronics

TS-11: Automatic Measurement and Control Technology

TS-12: Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

TS-13: Micro/Precision/Ultraprecision Manufacturing Systems

TS-14: MEMS, Nanotechnology

TS-15: Devices and Equipment for Automation

TS-16: System Integration Technology and Industrial Information Technology

TS-17: Automation in Biotechnology 


TS-19: i-Manufacturing, i-Diagnostics, and i-Factory

TS-20: i-Automation, i-Business and i-Enterprises

TS-21: Machinery and Mechanical Systems for Automation

TS-22: Intelligent energy saving

TS-23: Signal and Image Processing

TS-24: Others

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